Our busy lives dictate that we women try to get everything done at one annual visit.  We will try to accommodate this desire by facilitating mammography as well as sonography the same day.  Most patients can have this done in office if their insurance allows and if not we will try to schedule it at a time that is convenient for you at one of the Piedmont Facilities.

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When your Gyn exam indicates you are in need of surgery, our Doctors will discuss the options as well as the procedure so that you will have a full understanding of what will be done as well as what to expect in your recovery. We are skilled at in-office procedures such as LEEP, Essure, and Novasure that are performed in our office.  Our outpatient surgery is performed at Piedmont Fayette Hospital and each physician is skilled in traditional as well as laparoscopic/robotic surgery.  For those patients that also need urological procedures, we will evaluate this need in our office and perform the surgery as an outpatient or as part of a larger procedure.  Understanding the need of most women to get back to their daily routines after surgery, we have been performing single site as well as robotic hysterectomies that lead to a speedier recovery than traditional hysterectomies. For those women that do not want surgery or are not candidates for surgery, we are well versed in discussing other medical options.

The annual visit for many women can be a formidable experience.  As a practice of only women providers we understand how this visit can affect you.  Our providers realize that whether this is your first exam or one of many, a women may need extra time to express her concerns or fears.  We have providers that are skilled at communication with the teen patient about STDs, sexuality and peer pressure. We also find the time to have discussions about menopause and all the new recommendations for hormone replacement therapy.  Every patient is different from the very young to the “seasoned saints”, so we, at PTC OBGYN feel it is our duty to take the time that each patient needs.  We will discuss the changing recommendations for paps as well as tailor hormone replacement to fit each menopausal woman if that is her choice.

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