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Peachtree City OB/GYN's, Dr. Rebecca Banks, F.A.C.O.G, discusses the need for yearly mammograms (*unless otherwise recommended by your doctor), the benefits of early detection and Peachtree City OB/GYN's new digital mammography system.

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Our mission is to provide comprehensive gynecologic and obstetric health care service for women that maximizes Service, Care and Healing.

​Piedmont Medical Plaza
775 Poplar Road, Suite 360
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"Value Based Gynecology Care - Woman to Woman"

Preconception Counseling Care and Management Verification of Pregnancy (Viability) Care and Management

Pregnancy Care and Management through 13 weeks of gestation or 1st Trimester Pregnancy Care and Management

Adolescent (teen) and Young Adult Gynecology Care and Management

Gardasil Counseling

College Physical Examination Care and Management

Contraceptive Care and Management

Holistic Menopause Care and Management

Over 20 years experience in
Minimally Invasive (Laparoscopic) Gynecology Surgery

Experienced Hysteroscopic Surgeons
Experienced Robotic Gynecologic Surgery Care and Management

Experienced Urine Leakage Care and Management or Initial Urogynecology Care and Management

Prolapse Care and Management Experienced Specialized Vulvar Care and Management Weight Management Medication Care and Management

Same Day Appointments

On Site Ultrasound and Mammogram

Well Woman Annual Examinations

Now accepting new patients in both locations!

Our vision is that anyone who encounters our medical practice at Peachtree City OB/GYN as a patient or provider (i.e. staff, manager, and owner) is enriched because of the experience.

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Our patient’s time, resources and concerns are to be respected.

Provision of health care services for gynecology and obstetrics is patient-focused and family-centered and utilizes “best practice” models.

Accurate and up-to-date patient information and explanation of medical diagnoses and treatment options are made available in easy-to-understand terms.

Any question is a good question and will be answered to the best of our ability.

Billing, coding and financial procedures are based on standard recognized ethical guidelines.